Youth Istanbul

Youth Istanbul Project has begun to be organized in 2018 in Turkey by the members of the Marmara Law Association. Youth Istanbul Project have an aim of creating a YIP culture through uniting with participants from all over the world, by finding solutions on global social issues with a young and universal perspective meanwhile acquainting our culture, country, Istanbul, and learning about the cultures of the others.

During the week, with academic workshops, the participants attend lectures and presentations on the determined subject of the week. After the lectures, the participants discuss about the subject and have a chance to share their opinions.
With corporate visits , our guests will find a chance of making an acquaintance with the companies which are taking an important place in Turkey’s business life and economics.

With the social events that we organize such as traditional dinners, historical tours, we aim to introduce our rich historical background of Istanbul and also we aim to get to know other participants’ cultures with the events such as international food fair events.

In addition, we would like to build a companionship among the participants in order to establish an international platform. With this platform, we aim to become one even though all of us have a different cultural, historical background. This companionship will create an international network that continues even after the project week.


Marmara Law Association Summit , has been organizing by the members of the Marmara Law Association since 2018. Our organization has brang students and student organizations around the world together and set a discuss platform about daily problems of a common student .

During the summit, each participating committee (including MLA) gives a presentation about their schools and the education system in their countries and problems they face as a student or student organization.
After presentations , the participants debates on the topics that were discussed during the presentations. With MLA Summit, the participants will also have a chance to enjoy some entertaining activities such as city tours , special dinners, etc. and have a glance about Turkish & Istanbul culture.