Frequently Asked Questions

It is not mandatory to be a member to participate in the events. However,  with few exceptions,  the association members have privilege to participate in the events such as priority in quota, discount for paid events etc. Being a member of the MLA  brings huge opportunity for attending association events. In addition, only members of MLA can take part in organising events and have a chance to implant their ideas in association.

Unless there is a caution or disciplinary penalty decision from the Board of Directors or General Assembly for the member and if the membership is terminated by will of the member, it is possible to be a member once again after the registration procedure is repeated.  Nevertheless,  membership applications will be evaluated by Board of Directors in any condition.

Due to the policy of Board of Director of MLA, it has been decided to not publish the charter of MLA in public resources. Although, during the membership application process , charter can be examined privately by the applicants if it is requested.

Marmara Law Association has no affiliation with any kind of  social-political establishment, non-governmental organization, governmental institution or consultancy.
MLA is a member of Kadikoy City Council and as it is stated in the charter of the council, membership of the council does not includes working under certain principle or scope.  This membership only aims to other non-governmental organizations and their members that operates in Kadikoy district to have a relation with each other.